Eggins Comfort Coaches History

Eggins Comfort Coaches began in 1929 when Harold Eggins began the business of transporting people in comfort. Harold bought his first bus and began his first twice daily service driving passengers and school children between Taree and Wingham.

The trip using a slow gas producing engined bus took 35 minutes over gravel roads. Shortly after Harold Eggins started business it began to boom and after 5 years he bought a second bus and began employing other drivers.

The Eggins bus company continued to grow - thanks in part to patrons wishing to attend local dances. These were held up to four nights a week in all the outlying areas in the Manning district! Trips were made between Taree, Old Bar, Wingham, Jones Island and "Sidebottom" Kooranghat.

On Sundays in those early days , the Eggins buses were a familiar sight at Old Bar, carrying surf club members and family parties since cars were still scarce. Within 10 years Harold Eggins had built his little business to a fleet of 4 buses which has grown with the community to today's fleet in excess of 30 buses.

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Shortly after Harold Eggins started business it began to boom and after 5 years he bought a second bus and began employing other drivers.

Simon Eggins


A New Generation

Dallas Eggins was introduced into the family business at age 15, when he was forced to leave school and help his father during the war years. Later on Dallas' son Lachie was brought in to the business and so began a third generation in the Eggins family business.

Pictured above are Harold, Dallas and Lachie Eggins on the occasion of the businesses' 50th Aniversary in February 1979.

The slideshow also shows an early Eggins bus travelling along Old Bar Road in the wet season, and more great buses from our early days.

The Future Looks Bright!

Eggins Comfort Coaches has one of the most modern, safe and comfortable fleets in NSW and we take great pride in our commitment to the community.

In 2015, we are pioneering new lower pricing for Adult travel to help reduce the cost of travel in the Manning district and reduce also the number of cars on our roads.

Just one Eggins Comfort Coach can save 20+ families from driving to their local destination and everyone can relax when you take the bus.

Let us drive you where you need to go in comfort and style while you enjoy the paper, conversation or time on your smartphone catching up with friends.

Contact Eggins Comfort Coaches

Bus Depot: Elizabeth Avenue, Taree, NSW 2430

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